Friday, 14 July 2017

Something that ALWAYS works...

Hugh MacLeod's art blog says the one thing that always works in art is love.  He's onto something there I think.  Love is the something that ALWAYS works. 

Memory Garden 1 - oil on canvas - 24 x 8" - $500

Sorry if you thought that translates into 'the art will always work out' 😌  
Nope... That's not what it means.  We all have to put in our time with the learning that comes from art that doesn't work.
What it means is that it's worth doing because you have a love for it.  A love for your subject, a love for a process, or a love for a concept or idea.  It's all about the experience. If the art itself doesn't work out, so what?  You had the experience and that little bit of communing with love was worthwhile.

Memory Phlox - oil on wood - 30x30 - $1200
It's easy to be inspired by other artists work, but the art will never really resonate if the artist doesn't fall a little bit in love with the making of it. 

In my art making life I've tried lots of things. A huge love for the city of Kingston in 2002, when I moved here after several years away, saw me painting a gazillion townscapes with the heartbeat of Kingston thumping away in my heart as I worked them out.  Pastoral landscapes showed up in my work, because I loved the views around my house, north of the city.  I don't think I ever lost my love of light falling on form, and rhythm. Intuitive painting, is a love of process, especially when my routine is disrupted like when we were selling and moving house.  It fully satisfied the maker in me.  Love is also the inspiration for my garden memories as I explore space and light and pattern now.

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