Wednesday, 26 October 2016

works in progress
Time to send a shout out for the helpful folks at  I used to host my art website using the hosting services of an artist's website company in America.  This summer as we were planning to move house I began thinking about the fairly substantial costs of continuing that web hosting...and I began looking around for another solution, and I found  They are a Canadian company in Vancouver; they offer nearly all the services of the former site, plus a few new features that the other site didn't provide,  for about 1/3 the cost savings!   Although I had been a loyal supporter for years with my previous server, I couldn't argue with the savings, and so I decided to plunge into the new learning curve and build myself an website.  Here it is at 

It was easy!  The helpful folks at Artsites are available by live chat whenever I had questions...and I sure had a lot, especially when it came to changing my domain name from one server to another; it's hard for me to understand all that stuff, but Geoff at Artsites helped, taking time to explain everything.

Yay for!


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Solo exhibition at JAmes Brett Coiffure until Nov 6

Happy to say I've been contacted by a client who wishes to buy my painting Wetland, which is currently on exhibit with 18 other paintings of mine at James Brett Coiffure on Gardiners Road, in Kingston, Ontario. Whaahoo!!  
This solo show of my works has been on since early September at this location and runs through until November 6th.  It seems to me a wonderful venue for showing work because it's light & bright and is a busy salon with lots of clientele.  Thank you James Brett Coiffure, for showing my works!

Saturday, 22 October 2016

new studio and art shows

I've finally set up my new studio in a bedroom of the new place.  Yes, it really is a purple room with white butterflies on the walls...Lol! I couldn't be bothered to re-paint the room with all the work of moving house...but it's cozy with my old striped reading chair and art essentials, so I think I wont mind the purple after all...I pinned up a sheet on one wall to cover it for painting larger works, as it's really hard to 'see' a painting in progress on such a vibrant colour ...there's lots of lights, so it's nice and bright and warm. 

To the left is the rack card for my next artisan show, which is in Gananoque at the Arthur Child Heritage Museum, NOv 19th & 20th.  It will be the first artisan show this year after bowing out of doing any at all while we had our house on the market.  Now that our move is complete it is nice to get back to focusing on art again. Looking forward to this show. 
On the same weekend the RLAA is holding it's Holly Jolly Art Show & Sale which is in Perth at the Algonquin college campus.  I will have some small works in this show as well, though I wont be there in person for that one.


Sunday, 2 October 2016

October 2016

work in progress - acrylic & collage - 40x30
Cheers!  a little time out for fun:)
Big changes in my life are that we have now moved house.
I'm a believer that change is mostly good because it drags us into the present whether we like it or not.  Being present is how I want to live my life.
That doesn't mean that I do not savor wonderful memories, and beautiful old things... I do; immensely.  What it  does mean is that I can enjoy them for their beauty,  but let go.  I have come to understand that it is not the thing, but the thought of the thing that matters.(for me, anyway).
Here's an acrylic that I got going on last's a work in progress, but it's going in a fun direction.  Quite a different process for me! I began with collage... using bits from several printed images of west coast hikes, that my daughter Holly had sent to me in her travels.  With big brushes sweeping in large areas of opaque tones of acrylics until it felt right...I kind of like the movement of it...sort of looks like the little island is billowing along.  There are some areas that need resolution, but I am happy where it's going. It was refreshing and fun doing something different, especially while removed in a workshop environment away from the throws of our move! 

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