Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Again, Again, Again...!

What instinct is built into an artists DNA that compels them to paint the same subjects over and over?  I've often wondered about this.  I think, returning to the same subject matter for an artist, is a little like finding your way home.   You might go out exploring from time to time, but its always nice to get home, isn't it?  
"Home is where the heart is" after all.   Sorry for the cheesy quote, but  it does apply.  
An artist learning their chops needs adventures while they grow their visual language.  Exploring subject matter and different techniques is how one learns to feel what to keep and what to let go of.  Truth in painting is about getting in touch with the good feels, the ones that are right for you; your home base so to speak.  What you have to say works from this place of centre.

Children know this instinctively.  When they experience something they love, something that makes them laugh, love, feel joy...what is their squeal, shout, exclamation?
"Again... Again...!! "  

  I feel like I'm always returning to a place of flowers.  Even when I know it's a bit too 'girlie' and often considered "oh, so cliche"...even when I think I want to paint something 'way cooler'.   And so...I go out and explore other things;  and when I'm done, I head 'home' again.     

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