Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Keep Making Art - Art in the time of Covid19

Opening Time - 40 x 30" oil on canvas $1500
Keep doing art; the world needs art. Boy does it ever. It is every bit as vital in the times we are in now.  My heart is big for the nurses and doctors and all the service workers that risk everything to keep going, helping people through this difficult time.

My work on this painting began in a very literal way.  I thought I wanted to paint the blossomy hill that often captivates me as I drive by it on my way home.  But each painting session became less and less about representing that view, and more and more about how it made me feel.  Which meant that instead of imposing what I actually saw, I had to figure out how to create what I felt.  Letting go of the image was necessary.  Keeping space, and texture and subtlety became important.  I feel closer to the essence now, if further from the image. This is what intuitive painting is for me.  It's the kind of art I need to make just now.  

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