Tuesday, 10 April 2018

New directions

Over the Edge - oil media on wood- 12 x 12 - $400
As some of you may know already, I have been hanging out in Victoria, BC for a number of months; I'm loving' it!  BUT heaps of changes in my home life also mean juggling changes to my art business too.  I'm considering all options:)

These past few months, I've learned to work in a new shared studio space instead of my beloved home studio, but it's actually working out okay, despite a few hiccups in my routine....ie: having to clean up after myself after every session!  ha ha...ya that's not so great, but I get on with it.

Not everything about moving is great...like I'll be leaving good friends, and I'll be much further away from my darling grand-kiddies...but overall, I know it's the right thing for us now.  And after the winter this year in Ontario...ya...well need I say more?

I'm realistic in expecting it will take a while to find my niche with any galleries in BC,  but in the interim  I'm happy to continue to show some work in Ontario at these galleries:
Studio 87, Perth, ON
Kingston Frameworks, Kingston, ON
Meraqi Art Annex, Kingston, ON 
Little Pumphouse, Gananoque, ON

*newsflash*...I am currently doing in depth study delving into new ways to share my work online; stay tuned...I'll share more about that asap!  


Artist self care

birdies made it onto the mini's  this week  in celebration of the little darlings flitting about in the garden lately. Not a great...