Tuesday, 10 April 2018

New directions

Over the Edge - oil media on wood- 12 x 12 - $400
As some of you may know already, I have been hanging out in Victoria, BC for a number of months; I'm loving' it!  BUT heaps of changes in my home life also mean juggling changes to my art business too.  I'm considering all options:)

These past few months, I've learned to work in a new shared studio space instead of my beloved home studio, but it's actually working out okay, despite a few hiccups in my routine....ie: having to clean up after myself after every session!  ha ha...ya that's not so great, but I get on with it.

Not everything about moving is great...like I'll be leaving good friends, and I'll be much further away from my darling grand-kiddies...but overall, I know it's the right thing for us now.  And after the winter this year in Ontario...ya...well need I say more?

I'm realistic in expecting it will take a while to find my niche with any galleries in BC,  but in the interim  I'm happy to continue to show some work in Ontario at these galleries:
Studio 87, Perth, ON
Kingston Frameworks, Kingston, ON
Meraqi Art Annex, Kingston, ON 
Little Pumphouse, Gananoque, ON

*newsflash*...I am currently doing in depth study delving into new ways to share my work online; stay tuned...I'll share more about that asap!  


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