Thursday, 6 April 2017

moving studio again

Waterlily Pond, oil on linen, 14x18, $450
We are moving again.  On May 29th.  This time it is just 1 block over & around the corner!  We're staying in the same neighborhood.  My studio space in the new space will be downstairs on our lower level and is a little larger space than what I have now, which should work better.  I like to paint on several paintings all at the same time, flitting from one to the other like a 'bee in a meadow'.  in my current space that's hard to do as it's a small bedroom, which doesn't allow for several big canvas's at any one time.  I'm not crazy about having a studio in a basement, but  I can easily rig up some extra lighting if needed.  My friend Sarah made her basement studio work for her for many years, so I know I can too.  However, I have pledged to not even start thinking about packing up until the 1st of May.  I'm saving April for us!

May 13th I'm giving a 1 day workshop in Bath with the Bath Artisans.  The workshop is called 'Turning Your Inner Critic Upside Down'.  It isn't a beginner workshop, it's aimed at sharing techniques of getting past hurdles in our creativity, so painters with some experience already might enjoy it.
Apparently there are 8 already signed up, so it will definately be a go, unless something unforseen comes up. 

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