Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Dive Right In

Big Love - oil on wood - 20x20 - $600
 When starting a new idea for painting, diving right in is the only way for me.  I may have a bunch of preconceived ideas about what I want,  but if I dwell on it for long, it can be like throwing blocks across my path.  I prefer the spontaneous energy in just getting going...choosing a palette,  laying in paint in a bold and decisive manner with the intent of getting what I want.  Of course I don't always get it, but occasionally something happens on the canvas that I hadn't planned, and a truth is born. 

 works in progress in my studio
Somehow starting in this exciting way in the beginning stages leads me to the right balance of energy upon which to build the rest of the painting. After this excitement bit, I slow down to consider the aesthetic I am after.  What areas can I simplify to keep my intent?  What areas are just noise?  There are choices about wiping out (sometimes huge!) areas that I have spent a long time laying in.  wierd. and funny. that language of art. 
My recent work is going to be featured at ART AFTER DARK at Kingston Frameworks this year.  The evening art crawl is on September 29th, 7-10pm .  My new works will be on display there until Oct 31st.  
After the work leaves Kingston Frameworks it will be hung at a solo exhibition at JAMES BRETT COIFFURE  Gardiners Road from Nov 6- Dec 31.

The AGGV Art Rental & Sales Program   launches 'Covid Creations' on Friday September 18th. Go to this link to view & purc...