Sunday, 26 March 2017

For reasons deeply felt

Why does any artist make art?  Most artists wonder about this from time to time through their journey of art making. I know I do.  I think the reasons evolve much like the art does.  I can start with the intention of developing an idea in a certain way, but eventually throughout the process, it is the art itself that speaks and I respond to it.  Painting is a search. It is a reveal.  For reason's only deeply felt by the artist guide the way along the path...memories, sparks of thought, joy, surprise, disappointment, anticipation, fear, celebration, doubt, all these things accompany the painter.  

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Sell on Instagram ? why not?

Waterlily Meditation
I'm fairly new to Instagram.  My daughter Holly showed me how to work it a couple of months ago, and since then, I have to say I really love it.  I enjoy being able to see and share with so many other artists and art lovers on the site.  It's a fun way to relax and connect with artists all over the world.  Although I've been posting some of my work there for the past few months, until recently I'd never thought of selling my art on Instagram.  "Really?  One can do that?  For art?  Will I put off my friends? Would my galleries care? "  These were some of the questions I had.   But then I thought about how things have changed so much in this age of technology.(whoa, have they ever, just look at politics in the age of technology!!)   And I thought, "What have I got to lose?" I couldn't really think of anything, so now, occasionally I will be posting some of my work on Instagram for sale under the hashtag: #sallychupickpaintingsforsale.  New pieces to be added from time to time.  To make it easy, someone can either comment 'sold' or direct message me privately on Instagram.  How easy is that??!!

A recent waterlily pond inspiration took me in the direction for the painting above.  It went through many transformations before it's present state;  the struggle definitely is ingrained in the work.  Beginning as more of an allover pond landscape, I felt so ho-hum about it until some bold decisions allowed intuition and process to take over which was much more satisfying to me. Something about responding to the voice in my heart.   It's 18 x 24 inch oil on canvas.
The rowboat painting is 12 x 24 inch oil on canvas, and it's currently for sale at Studio 87 gallery in Perth, ON.  

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