Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year gifts

Holiday Window - SOLD
It's always a real joy for me when someone loves my art and wants to see it, and even more so when I can show it to them in my own studio.  
I show my work in 3 galleries, which I am very grateful for,  but occasionally somebody will contact me through my website or blog and ask to see a particular piece.  
If that piece is not currently in one of the galleries, then it is often at home with me, squirreled away somewhere in my studio!  

Today a request to show a piece of work, manifested into a wonderful studio visit by not one, but TWO lovely ladies, who braved the cold and ice outside to make a trip to come and see my art. 

 I love interacting with people, about art in general and my passion for it;  it's what I miss the most about no longer operating my little porch gallery. 
However, today was a gift.  A special Happy New Year present, in that not only did both ladies buy some of my art, but I was given the gift of being able to meet them and feel the warmth of how art can touch people.


Tuesday, 27 December 2016

December studio time ...

With Christmas day over it feels good to hunker down in the studio and paint again.  I'm currently working on two water-lily & beaver pond themed's what they look like so far, they're still a work in progress.  I like how they start as one idea and morph into other ideas as I go.  Inspiration for these ones has come from one of my many trips up highway 10 from Kingston to Westport.  I stop the car, jump out and creep to the shoreline so I can gaze at the beaver ponds, patterns of the lily pads floating on the surface.  At this time I snap a few photos for reference.  I think I took the photos in late September.  When I'm ready to paint the photos help jog my memory, so I can meditate on these experiences again.

We went to Victoria for a week just before Christmas, enjoying time with family.  We did a few kilometers of hiking on the Juan de Fuca trail leading down to Mystic Beach through lush coastal vegetation and and old growth forest.  What a special day!
Christmas was quiet and peaceful but delightful...Jane came home to make it special for us.  Happy New Year to all! xo

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Studio 87

Studio 87 grand opening weekend
Studio 87 is a spanking new gallery in Perth Ontario, and whoooooa, is it a beauty!  Owners Randa Khoury & Martin Hauschild have done an outstanding job on a renovation to this historic Perth property which is located across the street from their current Gallery on Gore.  
a decadent feast for guests, clients and artists

Two weeks ago when I dropped off new artwork for the space, construction was in full swing...the beautiful (to be) limestone fireplace hearth only had a couple of stones laid, the walls needed painting, lights and hanging systems needed to be installed. 
beauty, beauty, everywhere!

On Friday Dec 9th, when I attended the first of two grand opening events, the gallery was miraculously transformed into a simply beautiful elegant space!  Really,  I was gobsmacked at how lovely it was, especially having seen it under construction only a couple of weeks prior.  Alexa and the owners did a spectacular job hanging all the work in record time for the big opening weekend.  
Rhanda, greeting guests
Interior design/decorating of the new space is very impressive... thanks to owners Rhanda & Martin.  Rhanda has an interior design business and one of Martin's many hats had him designing and creating a beautiful natural maple desk top for the space (it was in use as a wine bar during the opening event). They have kept all the lovely old features of the space (wonderful old tin ceiling) but brought everything into this century, making it functional and welcoming. 
me with my painting 'Playtime'

As one of the represented artists at this new gallery, I feel delighted to be able to show some of my new work in this space. 

Friday, 9 December 2016

in a way of speaking...

Peonies - work in progress - oil on canvas
Alla Prima is a direct style of painting, and is literally translated from Italian meaning 'at once'.  Instead of building up layers of paint with glazes and underpainting, the painting is usually completed in one sitting with the paint expressively applied in a direct manner. 
I am struck by this "manner of speaking";  how easily it demonstrates the correlation between the way paint is applied to an inner voice of an artist.  It seems to me, a direct painting method can be a sure and confidant voice, like a song on a clear day...not stopping to think about consequences, just continuing until it's voice runs out.  No wonder it's alive and expressive!  Like a voice influenced by emotion, the process of painting mines an artist's nature, finding it's way to song.

Most painters employ a variety of process's to arrive at what "rocks their boat".  I always think that should be encouraged...having only one process becomes production which is a killjoy to the creative spirit.  

I'm really enjoying reading this book loaned to me by a friend; 'The Muse' by author Jessie Burton.  The plot is compelling and the writing  beautiful too...each paragraph like a fresh new peach.  It will appeal to any artist or art lover. 

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