Thursday, 12 July 2018


I feel like all painters have challenges at times with staying motivated. 
One day you're all fired up and in the drivers seat with your painting, but just as easily procrastination kicks in.  When that happens it can be hard to get motivated.  Typically there are 2 process' for me that motivate.

1.)  the subject itself interests me; I respond with my 'painting voice'. In this process, I already know what I want to say... I follow it to it's conclusion. This process is linear, and often it's satisfying; I feel kind of thrilled when I get a good result. Who doesn't want to make a successful painting?

2.). other times subjects don't feel all that interesting.  I want to explore things less tangible,  things a little out of reach.  Painting this way is a whole different process.  It's intuitive, and experimental and more than a little addictive.  I don't as often get a successful painting.  As a matter of fact I usually don't get one.  How do I stay motivated here?

For me, the answer is: painting.

To motivate myself I load a palette knife, brush or rag.  If I start, something usually happens.  One stroke leads to something else... questions arise, corresponding decisions are made.  It's definitely non linear.  I can work for long times laying in passages, only to scrape
off or paint over them.  It's elusive.   Occasionally something surprising happens.  That's the best feeling, when something unexpected takes my painting in an exciting direction.   Before I know it I'm motivated.

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