Monday, 13 January 2020

AGGV Art Rental and Sales gallery program

Eminence - oil on canvas - 36 x 30"
I'm excited to say I got my painting 'Eminence' accepted into the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Art Rental and Sales Program.  Happy about that!  I love the venue that they have at the Victoria Airport;  a unique and eye catching display for all travellers to enjoy when passing through our airport.  
The rental and sales gallery is a great program.  It allows people to rent first class contemporary original local artworks for a minimum monthly fee.  That's nice because it means people can live with an artwork for a while, its especially good if they are contemplating purchasing it.  Or if they like they can rent it for a few months and then take it back to the gallery.  This allows them to rent another artwork to enjoy for a while.  
I love how Victoria is sooooo supportive of the arts.  And I'm tickled pink to have my work accepted into the AGGV art rental and sales program:)

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